Zero Trust in an Edgeless Enterprise

Karthik Swarnam
In recent years, the network paradigm has greatly shifted from hub-and-spoke, corporate data center and customer premises-based architectures to cloud based models with everything being in a service centric architecture. Organizations must adapt to those changes with renewed, next generation security capabilities to protect their assets and sensitive data. Embracing the technology landscape shift by security capabilities is essential. Trust is being redefined! AT&T CSO is addressing this cloud-first strategy by embarking on a new network security project coined, “Project Hercules”. The project represents a superset of next-generation security solutions integrated into a holistic, cloud-centric ecosystem, supporting the AT&T enterprise. The Hercules project includes security solution elements spanning the gamut of zero trust secure access, identity, authentication and authorization, threat analytics, automation, security orchestration, etc. Karthik will leave the audience with the building blocks, some obvious, some not, for enterprises to deploy when embracing this technology evolution that is supported by “Zero Trust”.